For those of you lucky, lucky people who have been to Nawlins, Loozianna (New Orleans) or who just love the food, there is not much better than a hand and mouthful of Muffaletta sandwich.



According to our food tour guide as we wandered the French Quarter, the Muffaletta had humble origins as a dock and field worker’s sandwich because it was on hard bread with savory oils, cured meats and firm cheeses to withstand the hot sun.

All I know is, it tastes goooooooodd.

So, here is my version of the sandwich, since you cannot get the special 3 foot long loaf of hard bread it is usually made on, unless you are in the bayou.


Multigrain Ciabatta rolls (sliced like a hamburger bun). Make at least one extra sandwich than you want to eat right this minute, because a day later, after marinating in the fridge overnight– it is tres bien, mon frere!

Olive Oil– savory, full-bodied- generously sprinkle on the open sides of the bun

Season with salt and pepper

On the bottom half of the bun spoon out:

Olive sandwich spread (which contains the items listed below, but can be very hard to find), OR:


Sliced green olives (Lindsay Spanish Olives Sliced: so’s you don’t slice your digits doin’ it yer ownself. Slippery little suckers.)

Mezzetta Italian Mix Giardiniera (marinated carrots, pearl onions, celery, pickles)- finely chopped– ok, so you gotta chop it:  just be careful

Then layer on:

Mortadella (Italian bologna) or regular Bologna

Mozzarella cheese slice

Hard Salami

Capicola or deli ham

Provolone cheese slice

Pop on the top of the bun, cut in half cross wise and

Stuff.  It.  In.  Your.  Face.


Don’t even get me started on beignets.

— Wendy



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