What’s This?

This is not a recommendation. It’s only a play thing. Do not, DO NOT, (Don’t even think about it!) Do NOT blindly invest in the ETFs listed below. That would be foolish, nonsense, crazy and ignorant. So don’t do it!!! (Do you like this disclaimer? I thought it up all by myself. Can you tell?)

Push the Button Max!

A simple model that first decides each month, which is stronger, Stocks or Bonds?

If the model determines bonds are stronger than stocks, it invests 100% in IEF (7-10 Yr Treasuries) or BIL (1-3 Mo. Treasuries). You can also consider just staying in cash while in this risk-off mode.

If the model determines stocks are stronger than bonds, it measures the relative strength of five ETFs (see below) and invests 50% each in the top two:

  • IWM (Russell 2000 Index Fund)
  • KBE (Bank Industry Index)
  • VEU (All-World ex-US)
  • XLK (U.S. Tech Sector)
  • XLY (U.S. Consumer Discretionary Sector)
Jul 2022BIL (or Cash)
Jun 2022BIL (or Cash)
May 2022BIL (or Cash)
Apr 2022BIL (or Cash)
Mar 2022IEF (or Cash)
Feb 2022IEF (or Cash)
Jan 2022XLK, VEU
Dec 2021XLK, XLY
Nov 2021XLK, XLY
Oct 2021IEF
Sep 2021XLK, XLY
Aug 2021VEU, XLK
Jul 2021XLK, XLY
Jun 2021KBE, VEU