What’s Your Uniform of the Day?

I just to have to say — I’m completely and totally relaxed. The stress level meter is barely registering.

One indicator of chillness is the UOD (uniform of the day). This is a military term. When I was in the Air Force, each day the base commander would dictate the UOD. Would it be dress blues with jacket and ribbons, or full-on camouflage? Whatever it was, don’t get caught out of uniform (a.k.a. wrong outfit). Make sure your ‘gig-line’ was straight, ribbons aligned, etc.

After the military I moved on to the private sector in the financial industry. There the UOD was full-on suit and tie each day. I had my closet full of Brooks Brothers suits. Then one day the world changed and the CEO said, “We’re going business casual.” No more power suits. No more coat and tie body armor. Somehow we survived the shock of it.

So what’s the UOD in retirement? What tough decisions do I face each morning when I look in the closet? It’s down to this folks: tuck or untuck. Oh, and I have two different hats to choose from. Retirement rocks. Tuck or Untuck


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Uniform of the Day?

  1. HEY! How are things going? I agree that retirement rocks. Other than Sunday, I don’t think I’ve tucked in a shirt since we got home!
    At this writing, we are in Mitchell, SD (home of the corn palace) – on our way to Spearfish, SD (a Newmar full-timers rally), then on to Gillette, WY (Newmar International Rally). Then, I think Coeur de Lane (however it’s spelled) – and more of Idaho, Utah, etc..etc.
    So where are you guys and where are you headed?


    • Hi David,
      I’m very interest to see what you think of Coeur d’Alene. Was trying to plan a trip that took us through there in future years. Let us know what you think of the campgrounds and weather. Excited to hear your report.

      Wendy and I are in Wisconsin Dells, WI for the next two months helping our daughter move in to her first home and playing with grandkids at the pool.

      Life is good!


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