What about the airplane?

The single most frequent question I’ve had from family and friends in the past few months is “What about the plane?”

They’re speaking of 212CS, the RV-4 airplane I spent 8 years building and the past 15 years flying. They know me as the airplane guy. Perhaps I gave them an aerobatic experience or landed near their home for a visit. They just can’t imagine me without my wings.

Test flight in March 2015 after extensive overhaul and paint.

Test flight in March 2015 after extensive overhaul and paint.

Well, the short answer is, I sold it.

When Wendy and I contemplated our next phase of life we considered any number of possibilities, including a bigger airplane or a faster airplane. We imagineered a life in Italy, Australia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. We explored all kinds of possibilities over the past few years, we lived them in our minds and took vacations to simulate them.

Wendy and I are great planners. I specialize in thinking outside the box, and Wendy excels at researching all my crazy ideas. We love to dream together. And each of us is careful to ensure that whatever our plans might be, it fills the needs of the other.

Sometimes we get stuck in life because of our possessions. We want to continue to grow, explore and develop ourselves. But often, such growth requires leaving our beloved “stuff”, and our foot gets stuck in the possession trap.

This step forward in our lives required that we sell virtually everything. And while the airplane was the most difficult to consider selling, it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. Yes, I did shed a tear after I watched 212CS take to the sky at the hand of it’s new owner. But I could not ask for a better new owner. He loves her and is an extraordinary pilot. She is in good hands.  Here’s a link (with Randy’s permission) of his most recent video post of 212CS.

There is a time and season for everything. Building 212CS, and then flying her has taught me much and provided me with some amazing experiences and memories. Through her I met some of the finest people you will find on planet earth.

Now it’s time to explore the world with my sweetheart, Wendy, at my side. And we’ll do so in Zane, our 45-foot Newell motor coach. How much fun is that!


2015-10-11 08.47.49

Zane and Squirrel (our Jeep towed vehicle)- with motorhome sisters at the Newell Factory– ready for new adventures!


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