Far from Home, Close to our Hearts


View from our RV spot at Lakeside Resort, Provo, Utah

One of the great treats we enjoy as full-time travelers, is the opportunity to see our extended family who are spread all over the United States.  This past week, we spent time with two nieces who live near Provo, Utah.  Kirsten and Morgan are sisters, who grew up with our daughter in Indiana.  We love them dearly.


Dennis, Morgan and Parker Webb

These young women are a long way from home, and more importantly, a long way from their mother Sharon and father Creed (Wendy’s brother).  So it was very meaningful to all of us to spend an afternoon together to catch up on their lives.  And give them some much needed hugs– we needed them probably more than they did!

Morgan married a wonderful man, Dennis, just a few short years ago and look at the results.  Little 11 month old Parker is now their whole world!  I adore this little one.  She likes to pat my back when I hold her.  Instant, unconditional love.  Wow, does that ever feel great.


Parker and her Great Uncle Clay

This trio visited us not once, but twice in the week we were in Provo.  The first night, Wendy and I discovered that Dennis and Morgan were hungry to discuss how to make financial plans for their lives.  So we invited them back later in the week and we helped them build a timeline for their future and shared with them tools that will help them meet their goals.  What an amazing experience!  Wendy and I were so honored that they would trust us to lead.  And we were greatly impressed with the way this newlywed couple respected each other and supported each other in their goals and dreams.  Wow!


Hanging out with Kirsten


And then we spent an evening with another one of our all-time favorite nieces, Kirsten. Kirsten, from the moment she was born, has been full of joy, love, fun and kindness.  And she hasn’t changed one bit.  Kirsten’s wife, Chelsey, was unfortunately out of town.  But we had a blast talking about what we are doing as we wandered all over the nation in our motorhome and discovering what her goals and plans are.

We love these women and their families and we’re so proud of them.  They know we will do anything we can to help them in their journey through life.